22 gen 2011

Serena Di Marino after high school attended the academy of fashion in Naples, and subsequently participated in several competitions, including winning a stage of 6 months at the home of "The Pearl" in Emilia Romagna, where among other things has worked for the next two years. In February 2004 she worked as senior designer for Navarra. Until she leaves for London, where she was born in the need to tap into a different field of work, much more traditional and less structured, emphasizing maximum creativity. Specializing in Draping on a stand, a technique used especiallyin France and haute couture Serena has a really interesting and eclectic style. The attention to detail is so extreme, and the elegance of the volume are the two main pillars of her work. Light weight fabrics that fall soft on the skin
let see the body's shapes through transparency and repeated cross cuts as a texture. This first collection (Customize t-shirts) has a strong personality, inspired by the punk in a glam key, that through a garment quite worthless make it luxury, while always remaining totally outside the canon of romance that we often see on the catwalks.
I think Serena is a designer of great artistic value, I hope her career takes off as soon as possible to admire the strong character in its collections in the international fashion events.

text by me, pics from the web

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