12 giu 2011

Follow the trends around the world:
1- The JACKET outfit: the outfit in which the main element is your jacket/blazer. It can be simple or eccentric with stamps, colors, shoulder powder ect.
2- The LEATHER outfit: the outfit in wich your black (or another color) leather garment makes your look very edgy and inspiring in every season.
From the blazer to the bag, and every accessorize.
3- The MAXI skirt outfit: your maxi skirt makes you very long and elegant, even better if it is transparent, which gives you a beautiful play of light, ethereal draperies and lightness.
4- The PUNK INSPIRED outfit: every element/garment belongs to the punk/rock world from the studded elements, to the leather and dark and power tones. Doesn't matter if the clothes are in good conditions: are allowed rips, holes and openings that make the outfit unique and very interesting. I absolutely love this outfit!
5- The TRANSPARENT SHIRT outfit: in which your transparent shirt makes every movement very sexy. You can use different tops under having a lot of composition possibilities. Juxtaposition is your job.

Text by me
Pics taken from stocholmstreetstyle.com 

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