30 giu 2011

Do you remember the enstyle project? (http://apps.facebook.com/enstyle/user) The fashion community via facebook born more or less one year ago? Now i'm here to tell you about a new project that belonges to the same community: 
"For the new stage of enstyle, we are now welcoming fashion designers to join our community. We built a special platform that helps designers build stylish, good-looking fan pages and promote their brand over Facebook."So you will be able to see the people looks, and the relative brand web site, and at the same time, the look posted will appear to the brand web facebook page! Isn't it amazing?
So if you are a designer you can promote your website, and your brand trought this link for (fashion designers): http://stylepage.enstyle.dk pasting this code, that's my blog invitation code: 14cv5l0-8j895c9-57b (The code can be used up to 25 times before it will expire).

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