11 mag 2011

Last Ana Locking's spring/summer 2011 collection is indeed very determined and confident.
The entire line of clothing is characterized by architectural well-designed forms and volumes, squared and 
asymmetrical, strong and determinedalmost creating a sort of second skin, but with its own life. The suits, 
jackets, and skirts are calculated to surprise at every glance and never seem rates. The jackets have a double 
curl on the double-breasted, the suits and dresses are characterized by geometrized fissures that hint layers 
of skin, and the skirts are astonishingly transparentembroidered in lace. The dominant color is definitely red, 
purple, and vermilion bloodthe color of passion, which makes the contact
between the observer and the wearer even more powerful and engaging . 
All the collection aims to the most outrageous seduction, never 
granted elegance, and the originality as a starting point. in addition to red, other experienced colors are the 
yellow/gold, blue-water navy, darker colorsand thunderous and colorful abstracts prints. Very interesting to 
me is the use of the beltwhich in addition to crown the waist, also surrounds one shoulder, becoming a
built strong accessory, who will seek to be used in a functional way but not at all.
For more information about the collection and about shopping online clickhttp://www.analocking.com/
text by me

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