15 feb 2011

One of the indisputable trend of this year is definitely the Biker fashion.
Just think of the latest collections we've seen on the catwalk of Balmain, Burberry Prorsum, 
Chanel (mostly for boots) and many more to be sure of this: very strong, fierce and prone masculine look, but still remaining very sexy, using a lot of
leather, boots and apparently shabby garments. 
If we take a look at Balmain's collection we fall in love with the expertly designed clothes, the lines so hard, bright and basic colorscuts in the materials,
all elements that outline a figure that defies all difficulties in life.
Here's the new 2011's woman, a woman who is not afraid, a woman 
who goes on the bike, challenging the speed and moving in competition with man. Among the most popular garments are certainly 
purely black leather studded jackets with belts filled with reinforced shoulders, trousers and motorcycle boots. The look is bold
strongsensual, and extremely eclecticI personally really like this kind of style, I love to see the woman who leaves a strong 
and determined character, while remaining feminine and still beautiful.
text written by me

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