5 feb 2011

David Koma is a Georgian designer that degree in London's CSM institute.
After this important step he launched himself at 360 degrees in the fashion world becoming known and appreciated. 
His style is very strong and unique, made to secure lines, sharp and bold, which outline a very strong woman while keeping 
the absolutely essential sensuality. Sculptural forms that emphasize femininity, asymmetries which are showing something but not too much, 
by developing the imagination, provocative and sophisticated, he's creations are definitely perfect for those who do not want to be unnoticed. 
His latest collection (S/S 2011) is remarkable both in terms of aesthetic than significant: in fact, David says that he was inspired by the Italian Futurist painters
creating not only "avant-garde" clothes, but paying tribute to the twentieth century's art.

text written by me

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