1 feb 2011

Holly Suan Gray is a freelance stylist born in Britain, who has lived and worked in London, Tokyo, Beijing and Hong Kong. Her figure is best expressed by designing, creating and styling editorials, advertising, shows, films, exibitions ... In her editorials over the model's stilyng Holly deals with all the creative structure of the shot, as the locations, the natural colors of the landscape and everything you need to create an extremely evocative shoot. Her designs are very special and irreverent: just take a look at unusual shapes, at the cuts of clothing, light draperies so long that seems to don't come to an end, hats with bold and strange shapes. 
A style that leaves its mark, a symbol, which is tied to the context of the picture, creating something truly unique, hard to forget. This in my opinion is the the combination of the arts that integrate.

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