30 gen 2011

Maria Francesca Pepe was born in Italy in 1979, initially as a jewelry designer. Subsequently, her creations are evolving in unexpected and original way. 
In fact,
 the jewelry itself is the defining and connoting aspect of her clothes, where we often see metal fittings, chains, oversized necklaces that completely dominatethe scene. 
 concept of attachment as a child flips completely becoming the outfit's main part, the pivotal point around which everything else revolves. In her latest collection we see how the clothes are extremely light, simple, transparent, almost ethereal, and the jewel is
the undisputed master of the collection. This is a clear example of a highly effective functional review, in which what is understood normally flips to promote an opposite conception but equally effective and secure. I believe that this concept of reversal of what is considered normal and usual is very important in the 
 of fashion and trends, is the key that brings us to cross borders unexpected, different, which would otherwise remain obscure.
If we don't get over the normality's line, how can we create something truly new and innovative?

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