31 gen 2011

Julie Eilenberger is a young Danish-born designer. She studied in Berlin, and at this moment her life is divided between the German capital and London. 
Her way of product fashion is very interesting from my point of view, because she inspires herself by her surroundings, such as the environment, people, movies, nature ... 
Anything that causes you her different and great feelings, everything that deserve to being the subject of valuable inspirations.
Her latest collection is called "Marry Me Nature" and it's clear the link with natureclinging clothes and rolled around the body as the offshoots, such 
as root sinextricably linked, soldered and rooted. The bright colors, eccentric, acids, making it even more interesting link morphological and color, 
the knowing use of materials, the volumes defined so sublime that appear to be perfect in their form, makes the entire collection almost a masterpiece.

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